2018 Predictions


It's 2018, so naturally the Nostradami (that's the plural of Nostradamus if you were wondering) hazard some optimistic (and pessimistic) guesses about what will happen in the new year.

 But first, we give a brief history of the Lonely Island because of course we do, we do some shoutouts to our amazing listeners, and Jarvis talks about how crappy it feels to promote his stuff (which reminds me please leave us a review on itunes)

 In the topic, we discuss (without spoiling our predictions) Logan Paul, Black Panther and diversity (or lack thereof) in Hollywood, cross-cultural music phenomena like gangam style and despacito, and finally justin timberlake's upcoming album.

 As always, we get weird, but new in this episode we get pretty heated while talking about some of the topics, so be sure to listen!