Being a Fan w/ Lauren Shippen

Today on Sad Boyz we're joined by self-proclaimed EP, Lauren Shippen, to talk about being a big 'ol fan of things. We discuss how our personalities tend to play out in the media that we like and how discussing our fandom with other people has helped us understand ourselves a bit better. With Lauren this started in fan fiction communities, for Jordan it was video game reviewers and for Jarvis it was basically everything under the sun because he has no chill.

Also in this episode, Jordan watches Seinfeld for the first time. Lauren offers a theory of how the story of the boyz will end and Jarvis has an awkward run-in with a hotel bellhop.

Oh and we talk a lot about hamilton

Pen Palz Spectacular


Today is a special day in Sad Boyz history. We're doing a mailbag episode! We've gotten a bunch of pen palz lately, so we thought we'd spend a topic reading some. We discuss mental health, finding your market in the creative space, and naturally video games.

Also in this episode, the boyz become radio shock jocks, we discuss their upcoming birthday plans and Jordan goes on a SUCCESSFUL DATE????

also we spend one minute discussing kanye

Hard Questions


It's the 20th episode of sad boyz! We talk a little about the history of the show at the beginning, but for our topic we ask each other one really hard question. this one gets really real.

Also in this episode, we have a new Pen Pal submission about jealous which spurs an interesting conversation. Jordan attempts an American accent and the boys discuss having people mix them up.