Today on Sad Boyz we're talking about College! Jordan took a year off after high school and eventually ended up at film school because of a youtube video. Jarvis didn't think people like him applied to schools out of state, but ended up studied computer science away from home because of a podcast. We discuss the misconceptions we had about going to college, our experiences while there, and answer the age old question of whether or not you should go.

Also in this episode, Jordan is accosted by a strange man on the street, Jarvis has an encyclopedic knowledge of Asher Roth's hit single "I Love College", and Jordan shares a very special announcement at the beginning of the show.



Today on Sad Boyz we talk Anime! We were both introduced to anime in our formative years (via shonen fighting anime like one piece and dragon ball z) and it's left quite the lasting impression on us.
We discuss the prevalence of anime in the US and UK, why it's a hard sell for some and identity-definining for others, why it was appealing to us as kids, and its lasting influence on us in adulthood. We also recommend a few shows!
Also in this episode, we have a world shattering pen palz submission and Jordan's confusingly-named recurring segment gets a much needed facelift.

3 More Questions To Fall In Love


What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?

On the first episode of Sad Boyz, Jarvis and Jordan answered 4 of the NYT's 36 Questions to fall in love. Today we tackle 3 more and discuss humor, our desired super powers and what (if anything, i mean c'mon) we have in common.

Also in this episode an AMAZING pen palz about past bullies, we discuss the suspension of disbelief in comedians in cars getting coffee, and the boyz catch up. It's been a minute.

Black Enough? 😬 w/ Erica Joy Baker


Today on Sad Boyz we're joined by THE Erica Joy Baker to discuss blackness aka the state of being black 😅

Jordan grew up in England, Jarvis in the US and Erica around the globe, but we all share the experience of being black while also having our blackness questioned by our community for superficial reasons like interests, manner of speech, and EVEN food preferences.

Also in this episode, we try to teach jordan about trapper keepers and we have the VERY FIRST PEN PALZ!

Let's get into it!

Social Anxiety w/ Lauren Shippen


Today we're joined by one of the internet's best people, Lauren Shippen (creator of the Bright Sessions), to discuss social anxiety!

We define social anxiety and discuss our experiences with it (touching on our introverted, yet outgoing tendencies) and we ALSO play a game that Jarvis created which is basically awkward social situation DnD.

Also on this episode we discuss how internet friends are real friends, how Jarvis used to be a pokemon podcasting superstar, lauren gives actually valuable advice and Jordan faked an american accent in an uber ride